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What I can't figure out, is where has the middle gone??

I think the rich should AT LEAST pay their share, by paying AT LEAST the same percentage as those making much less.

I think that you should not have your guns taken, UNLESS you are mentally ill, and I don't see the need for high capacity compact automatic weapons.

I don't approve of homosexuality, or gay marriage, but I don't think the gov't should not allow it, based on moral grounds.

Mexicans have helped to fukc things up. That is just a fact. Anyone without kids, leaves TODAY. Anyone with kids is given two years to get legal or LEAVE.
Any business hiring illegals, even if the paperwork is technically legal gets fined out of business after two offenses.

Abortion. Allow it. Especially in cases of rape/insest. Let the person getting an abortion make that decision and deal with it. It's between them and god, or them and their conscience.

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