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Another iron for the fire...

How much is enough? How much is too much? How little is poor?

I'm not talking about national averages, or what our flavor of the month government declares as "poverty" and "wealthy".

To me those are questions that really have no answer besides opinions. Just like: What is beautiful? What is ugly?

Everyone has varying degrees of what we think poor and wealthy are so I don't see how anyone can decide as a standard what the dollar amount is assigned to each one.

When I was a high school kid I would have looked at someone like myself and Kerry and thought we were rich because we could buy whatever CD we want whenever we want. Now I look at people myself as being comfortable and people that live on the lake and driving Ferarri's as being well off.

Once again I suppose its all about perspective. And it seems like the have-nots bitch the loudest.
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