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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I understand everyone's arguments. I just have 3 questions:

1. How much suffering are you willing to ignore? Are you OK with driving past shanty towns on your way to work? Are you OK with having to step over starving children on your way into a restaurant? While in the long run, (meaning many decades or centuries), maybe we'd be better off by letting the weak die off, are you ready for seeing a short term, (meaning a few decades) of terrible suffering?
I have zero problem with it. I kinda hope though that the restaurant would have some sort of service to remove their little carcasses from my path, but meh, I guess I could be inconvenienced by stepping over them.

That's a bit harsh, but my far to the other side comment is equally fitting for what you say.

The thing is these people that leech off the system are a cancer that is killing us all slowly, but surely. I compare them to the asian carp in the Mississippi, the feral pigs, or any of those invasive species. While I hate to see any animal die, things that don't belong, don't contribute, and generally wreck the entire system for everything else need to be removed for the greater good.

*patiently waiting for the ,"Isn't that what Hitler tried to do", comment*

At some point we need to cut off the feedbag and let them sink or swim otherwise we are all going to be poor as fukc living in the street. The US will end up looking like a Sally Struthers feed the kids in Africa commercial. Then who is going to take care of us, the nation that is hated by half of the world and takes care of the other half?

We b fuked yo
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