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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I understand everyone's arguments. I just have 3 questions:

1. How much suffering are you willing to ignore? Are you OK with driving past shanty towns on your way to work? Are you OK with having to step over starving children on your way into a restaurant? While in the long run, (meaning many decades or centuries), maybe we'd be better off by letting the weak die off, are you ready for seeing a short term, (meaning a few decades) of terrible suffering?

In what way does the extremely inefficient forms of Government in this Country "alleviate suffering" ? Through the indignity of being on the public dole? By handing out free cheese? By having social workers invade your home and tell you what your kids can and can not eat? By leaving the borders open? By killing 50 million pre-born babies since 1970ish, yet keeping convicted murders alive for decades because the death penalty is cruel? by forcing everyone into yet another socialized utopian view of healthcare? do you really want to wait for treatments you can afford, or worse have the Government tell you what you can eat, what you can't, and what BMI you should be at?

2. How much of a gap between the wealthy and the poor can this country handle? Most "first world" nations, like the USA and much of Europe, have a strong middle class and lower gap between the average worker and the wealthy. Most "third world" have a huge gap between the average worker and the wealthy. How long before this country slides down to third world status?

Europe's middle class has been under siege, and shrinking since 2000. Germany, arguably one of the strongest economies in Europe has seen a tic reduction in middle class demographics, and a surge in numbers below 70% of the median income every year since 2000 (according to the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW))

3. If low taxes on the wealthy brings prosperity for all, why isn't our economy going gangbusters right now? Taxes, especially on the wealthy, are near historic lows right now. Where is the prosperity? If high taxes in the wealthy is a "job killer" why is it that some of the most prosperous times in this country (1950's) also saw some of the highest tax rates?
Fiscal Conservative does not have to imply that taxes should be lower than they currently are, or held at historical lows - spending your great grandparent's futures has got to stop, regardless of your political party, or ideology.

And of course, my statements above are intended to be somewhat lopsided - to counter your one-sided, singular issue presentation of the issues.
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