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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I understand everyone's arguments. I just have 3 questions:

1. How much suffering are you willing to ignore? Are you OK with driving past shanty towns on your way to work? Are you OK with having to step over starving children on your way into a restaurant? While in the long run, (meaning many decades or centuries), maybe we'd be better off by letting the weak die off, are you ready for seeing a short term, (meaning a few decades) of terrible suffering?

2. How much of a gap between the wealthy and the poor can this country handle? Most "first world" nations, like the USA and much of Europe, have a strong middle class and lower gap between the average worker and the wealthy. Most "third world" have a huge gap between the average worker and the wealthy. How long before this country slides down to third world status?

3. If low taxes on the wealthy brings prosperity for all, why isn't our economy going gangbusters right now? Taxes, especially on the wealthy, are near historic lows right now. Where is the prosperity? If high taxes in the wealthy is a "job killer" why is it that some of the most prosperous times in this country (1950's) also saw some of the highest tax rates?
1. Plenty, I'm not all that compassionate.
2. Good point, we need to put a handle on it.
3. I don't know enough about our current tax system. I will say this, our government does a good job in taxing businesses, requiring certain manufacturing standards that other countries dont, making it difficult to understand all the laws that pertain to your business, and down right making it difficult to legally and effectively run a small business....consider that a non income tax, tax, that some people have to endure to make "wealthy" status and create jobs for others, so I don't know that "taxes" are truely at a historic low. Did we have the same standards for osha in the 50's? EPA? registration requirements for commercial vehicles? etc.

I use that example because my brother was just pulled over recently to have a DOT inspection on a plow truck, he was 100% within the law, but was pulled over for something that is NOT a law, and the officer, his superior and many others did not know this, it took him 2 days of phone calls to find someone who was able to provide documentation to him that he was within the law.....thats a hefty tax in my eyes.
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