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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Think of how many people you see who work at home depot, mcdonalds, etc. and they are supporting a family on $10/hr, thats 20k, say their wife also has a similar job.....$ that were traditionally part time jobs for high school kids and college kids....
And they are working these jobs because all of the unskilled labor and service jobs that were common place 30 years ago have disappeared or been shipped out of the country.

Then that happened because companies had to provide huge bonuses for management, hefty raises for workers, provide retirement packages for workers that are retired for longer than they worked, and all at the same time keep the share holders happy.

It just seems like you keep peeling this back layer by layer and realize we are pretty much fucked to the core and have been heading down this path for decades.

Its actually a really bleak, sad thing to think about. We have some serious fucking issues in this country and its going to take some very hard decisions in the near future or this whole system is going to come off the rails in epic proportions.
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