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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
To further derail this topic with another question...

How many of the $50k a year or even less households are single income households?

Yes, one of the big reasons why Kerry and I are comfortable is because we have no kids. But the bigger reason is we are both working. I guess the biggest reason would be because we both have "professional" jobs on top of that as well.
I have no idea what the statistics on that are, what I did see was that the average male makes around 45k or something (not exact figures just some guestimates I remembered seeing this morning), and let's say women were around 33k if I recall.

so my guess based on that is that MOST households nowadays are going to HAVE to be dual income just to be above average. Average salary that I see at work on a daily basis is probably right around 70k, but most of these people are specialized, degreed, educated engineers. So of course it's slightly higher than the averages.

Think of how many people you see who work at home depot, mcdonalds, etc. and they are supporting a family on $10/hr, thats 20k, say their wife also has a similar job.....$ that were traditionally part time jobs for high school kids and college kids....

Something I didn't factor in earlier is the mortgage payment that I pay in to daycare each month, and I even get to split it with my ex wife, one of the few bills I actually get to split. And it's still a real nice car payment/small mortgage payment.

I agree with your other post on compassion, compassion is ok to a point, unfortunately we have taken it worlds past that point.

Just some food for thought.
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