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Originally Posted by osteologation View Post
So say someone who lives borderline but within their means goes from an effective -20%, like your friend, to 10%. Would you still limit their welfare? Because that 30% shift in tax rate pushed them into needing welfare. But since they are paying their fair share they should be able to use it. Purely hypothetical question.
I am not sure I completely understand your question.

BUT, if I am understanding it like this, here are my toughts.

If what you are saying is how do I feel about someone who makes 10k a year, pays in 2500, and gets back 3500, now paying their fair 10% and paying in 1k, but now being on welfare.

Well in most cases all of the people who owuld currently pay in less than they get back, already qualify for some form of government aid.

That wouldn't change, but what would change is they wouldn't be getting back a big ass tax return to go waste on hookers, blow, 22's, and tv's.

It's a good hypothetical question, I don't know the answer. It kind of leads to some necessary changes for government aid and welfare reform that are a whole new ballgame.
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