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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
If everyone put in an even percentage, or the tax code made more sense to those who don't have a PHd in bullshittery, class divide may not seem quite as bad.
I like the PHd in bullshittery.

Flat tax is the most fair concept out there, but holy shit would that wreck some people's worlds...

To me the whole compassion thing that sets us apart from animals is the downfall of our society.

We(others, not me, I don't give a fukc ) care too much about the well being of others that just can't seem to put their shit together and it drags everyone else down.

Non contributors are a drain on the rest of the society's resources. If we cut them off many would wither away, a few would wake up and adapt, but we would be better off in the long run.

It happens in nature every day.

But that's not a very compassionate, PC, humanitarian way to think and we are paying the price for it.
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