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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I like the idea of a flat tax, because I think it is fair, but I have NO CLUE if it would actually work.
Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Sure in perspective if you make 20k a year 100k seems like a lot, but there are a LOT of expenses in life that everyone has to bear the brunt of (which I tried to illustrate on an "average" standpoint in my post), regardless of your local cost of living, and regardless of whether you are living outside, inside, or below your means.

Nobody can control the cost of certain things, like utilities, groceries/food, necessary communication (some sort of phone), etc.

Sure, you can be frugal, but you kind of need some of those things and can't get away from it. Even at 100k most people should be comfortable. So to say 200k isn't a lot of money twists me around the wrong way.
Those two comments kind of contradict each other.

Like you said the impact of life's necessities is very different for someone making 10k a year, 50k a year, and 100+k a year. $100 a month for heat is a drop in the bucket for someone making $100k, but a devastating bill for someone making 10k.

To me that's where the potential, and probably more like eventual, failure of a flat tax would come in. 10% flat off the top with no allowances or deductions would actually probably benefit most people making $100k a year. But that same 10% for someone below the poverty line that counts on deductions for kids and what not would be horrible for them.

I'm not actually trying to be argumentative. I too think its the only "fair" way to do it. But I don't think it would work because it will leave people behind.
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