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Default An odd plumbing question

So I went to our rental house last Saturday and replaced the bathroom vanity, sink, and faucet, but had 1 shut off valve with a very slight leak. Of course, I had the wrong shut off valves, so I couldn't change it then.
I went back tonight, shut off the water main, removed both shut off valves under the bathroom sink, installed 2 new shut off valves, reattached the hoses, and turned the main back on. Then I went back upstairs, opened both shut off valves, and everything seemed fine. Until I turned on the faucet, that is. I had no water coming out of the faucet that is only 4 days old. I removed the hoses from the faucet, and have good water flow out of both (closed the shut off's, removed the hoses from the faucet and put in a bucket, then turned the valves on) that is steady and strong.
I also noticed that with the cold water hose off of the faucet, when I opened the hot water shut off valve, water came out of the cold water inlet. I did not try that in reverse, but I would assume it would do the same thing if the hot water hose was removed from the faucet and the cold water valve was turned on.
So my question is, what would cause a new faucet to do this, after replacing the shut off valves? The water flow from the faucet was perfect before I shut off the water to replace the valves. Could it be something caused by a pocket of air that flowed through as the water was turned back on? It is a cheap faucet, fit for a rental house, but aren't they all basically the same internally?
I'm planning on just going to buy another one and install it tomorrow, but if it's a simple fix I wouldn't mind saving the time and the cash. It is a rental, after all.
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