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I was think about doing this. What do you think??
Tire Siping

Discount Tire/America’s Tire offers the revolutionary tire “Siping” procedure.
Here's how siping works:
Siping Detail

Saf-Tee® siping cuts slits, called sipes, at 90° angles across the tread, providing thousands of gripping edges for better traction and stopping power. Wear-robbing heat and hydroplaning are also minimized.
Check out the information below to find out how you can improve your traction in poor weather driving environments.
Improved Braking

Research has shown that the most effective braking power occurs immediately prior to losing traction. Siping extends the window allowed for maximum braking power by giving the existing tread a helping hand. In the examples below notice how the siped tire has dozens more gripping edges. These micro edges reduce the distance needed for braking on wet and icy roads.
Improved Braking Graphic
Better Traction

The tread surface on your tire is made up of many smaller surfaces know as “Tread Blocks”. The reason for so many surfaces is especially important when it comes to icy or wet road conditions. The Tread Blocks get their gripping power not from their many smooth surfaces but from the more numerous sharp surrounding edges. Siping improves the job started by your tire manufacturer by providing more of these gripping edges.
Better Traction Graphic
Smoother Ride

New asphalt is relatively smooth but time and wear exaggerates the coarse texture of the road's surface causing your tires to absorb most of the impact. Siping gives your tires a Micro-Flexibility reducing the wear on your tires' carcass and sidewalls. This effect not only increases tire life but will result in a smoother ride.
Smoother Ride Graphic

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