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Originally Posted by Coyote Red View Post
Welcome, and thanks for the reply.

Okay from what you are saying if I wanted to lift 4 inches with the cut and turn then I would move the lower ball joint out 4 inches, correct? I have looked at the Autofab kit and have not seen a price, so I will have to look into it. When you mention clearance the center joint, are you talking about the pivots for the beams? From your reply I take it that you have dealt with or researched the kits well? If you are running one of these kits would you be willing to offer a brief review? What length are the axles that are being used with these long travel kit?
No on the balljoint out 4 inches. The lower joint is moved out 1/2" to 1" depending on what height you are going for. You still have the camber adjusters to help get things right, but you want to keep them at 2 degrees or smaller. Most good beam fabricators pride themselves on using 0 degree adjusters. This is not an easy job and I would discourage someone from trying it unless you have excellent fab skills. If you jack the truck up to the desired height and look at the balljoint ear, it should be obvious where it needs to go. Check out and go to the shop section on the forums. Check out the links they recommend in the forums.

Solo Motorsports has the best prices I know of on beams with frequent sales on them starting at $300.

The center joint is the u-joint in the middle of the front end, right off the diff. It will need to be clearanced if you are at 16 inches of travel, but you will probably be in the 10-12" range until you get your shocks right. It will not be an immediate issue.

Factory axle lengths. Widened beams are available, but we are talking stock width beams here. This is with all stock parts except the radius arms will need to be lengthened or replaced with aftermarket/custom arms.

You can run either (or both) a 10 inch shock behind the spring and a 14 in front with a stock coil bucket, but to get big travel numbers it will require a custom shock mount. You will need Bilstien 5100s minimum. You can look at (in order of costs) FOAs, other Bilsteins, SwayAway, Fox, King, etc. You are looking for a 2.5 inch shock.

I just parted with my TTB 95 Bronco.
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