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Default What has the republican party done for you?

I know, I know.
Probably nothing, but people still vote for them, and I am guilty of the same crime. Just watching all the debates, and nothing that any of them say is a positive or relevent for me.
Privitizing everything is not a good idea in my opinion. Tax cuts for the rich don't help someone making less 200k a year (and I am well below that!)
Giving a tax break or a bailout to a billionaire doesn't help the economy or help anyone who actually works for thair living.
I mean if someone gave you a million you would spend it, but what if you allready had everything you wanted and then some? Would you give it away or just invest it so you could double it?
I don't care about the border as all the mexicans are all here allready and the canadians don't want to be here.

Any jobs bill is a joke. Unless they are creating jobs that pay at least $20 an hour or more, wtf is the point? And how much tax money are they going to spend to do it.

Anyway, I am just wondering what voting for a republicn is going to do for you this fall, ar at least what do you hope to get?

I mean if you vote for the incumbent you know what you are going to get, so no suprises there!
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