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NASA's budget is .5% of the federal budget. If they simply doubled it to a whopping 1% we could be on the moon permanently within a few years. All the heavy lifting was done in the 60's and even then the NASA budget was less than 4% of the whole.

The return for investment is huge. The amount of helium 3 alone on the moon could change the face of our energy economy. If China gets to it first it could go very bad for us.

Also spreading the human race into space is essential for our long term survivability. The clock is ticking on this planet, a globally catastrophic impact event will occur at some point. A self sustaining moon colony would more than double our chances of surviving. Not only would we be spread out but the technologies developed to create the colony could be used to prevent an impact.

I'd rather see NASA get the 1.5 billion per year we give to Egypt.

Or the billions we give to Mexico.

Or the billions we give to people in this country simply because they don't want to work.

The US pisses a shit ton of cash away on things that have a 0 return.

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