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I think Obama will be re-elected because the Republicans are in chaos and the people that didn't get their free handouts (Remember the "Obama is going to make my mortgage payment" woman?) are too stupid to remember anything and tend to believe anything the Obama camp will tell them as long as it seems their getting something for nothing.

I feel we are failing as a great nation and as a Super Power. The bottom line is we, as a nation, need to stop sending more money overseas than we are bringing in. China is going to bleed us to death and will eventually take over this country without firing a single shot.

I think the fix is complex. I feel the general population needs to develope a stronger work ethic and stop depending on the Government for handouts (like getting almost 2 years of unemployment). I think business ownership should be encouraged but we have to teach those thinking about it that business ownership is a risk that could be a failure or could provide great reward. From here changes need to be made in Government from the Township level all the way to the President. We need leaders that believe in this country and will do their best to see that this once great nation regains her former presence in the world market. The need to realize how China is producing their (shitty yet cheap) product and develope ways we as a nation can beat them at their own game. Another thought, tariff the shit out of them like they do us. But Nuggets, what about free trade? We need to rethink that position because it is killiing our country 237 years (approx.) after the (good at the time) ideal was incorporated into our economic system. China is ram rodding cheap products down our throat because they have an uber cheap work force, no real environmental laws, no fear of patent infringement, and no qualms about using lead based paints on children's toys! They can cut every corner so they can deliver an cheap product that we lap up willingly because nobody worries about quality anymore, just price.

We can do this or learn Chinese.
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