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Originally Posted by 3-foot View Post
I can't stand to listen to him talk over people and scream and yell into the microphone. He is intolerant of points of view that aren't his own, and hangs up on anyone who disagrees with him. Calls others names, generally acts like a child. Hey, it's his show he can do what he wants with the air time. I've listened to him off and on over the years, we agree on many things. I even read one of his books, but he is an asshole. Maybe it's just his on air personality.
I would have thought you would like him? He follows the constitution as it was ment.
Yes he's an asshole on the air because 99.9999% of the people that try to argue with him are wrong. You can't dispute facts.

The guy is brilliant. But has no people skills.

I love it when he tells a liberal call to "get off my phone, moron" Or "dummy"

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