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As backwoods as it was and as gay of an idea as i personally think it was why all the flaming right off the bat. It really is no different than someone who makes a bdmt with a huge sub frame or someone who decides to turn their s-10 into a truggy.

I see numerous people on this site who do pointless shit to their rigs that do nothing for functionality what so ever, they do it because they like how it looks. So if these guys like how a car looks on a truck frame than who gives a fukc .

Let's be happy that we have people wanting to wheel who could help support the cause to keep trails open instead of chasing every person away before they even got a chance just because we did not like their idea. People on this site have serious inadequacy issues if they feel the need to trash every new person. Some of the people deserve it, but others are just looking at advancing their abilities and skills from being a big time novice to someone who can actually fabricate something.

To the guys who think they are master fabricators and wheeling commisioners, glad to see you forgot some of the shit you produced or thought up back in the beginning. / end rant
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