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Default Whoever is stalking Kelly Clarkston Please stop I recieved an email

and she is not happy.

DELETE MY USERNAME AND ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH IT OR MY NAME KELLY CLARKSTON THREADS I dont want my name anywhere on this site or any more SLANDER. Which is a Civil case which also now turns into stalking because these creeps are posting my personal information and photos all over this " site".
If this isn't taken down in 24 hours of reading this I will call and ask about my rights in a Civil court. If this message is then not deleted and posted around then you have serious issues because IVE been harassed on this forum and slandered enough to have a case. Please tell me the point of a 4x4 site when its just 4x4 bash everyones RIGS or questions? I've had enough, and I am going to press charges soon,

Sincerely Kelley Clarkston

PS if you post this on your message board I will sue you"

so if you guys could please lay off of her, she's very serious.
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