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Originally Posted by MrBi11 View Post
I think the President would veto most anti-gun bills even if both the Senate and House would go Democrat, but there is an outside chance that the Dems would attach an anti-gun amendment to a very good bill of some sort, which would force the president to sign. That is the risk, even though it might be small.
I am concerned that we have only two more years to get any more pro-gun bills passed before the next election, and McCain (the front runner for the Republicans) is NOT pro-gun by any means, nor are there any pro-gun Democrats, so it will be a LONG time (probably after I am dead and gone) before any more pro-gun bills will be passed, and the odds are that a LOT more anti-gun bills will be passed if either there is a Republican or Democrat President, and especially if Congress goes Democrat.
I would invite people to LOOK at what Pelosi stands for. She was in a Gay Parade where the head guy of the parade thinks that Man-Boy relationships are just fine. Second, I would invite anyone to look at the gun laws in California and especially San Francisco where Pelosi is from, and tell me why I would vote for a Libertarian or Democrat. I really put this in a no brainer category!!!

Don't throw Libertarians under the anti gun bus......
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