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Originally Posted by mideerslayer View Post
Your line of work is a high paying job and is hard work, so it pays well. Those jobs are not everywhere and if there were those type of jobs all over the country , the country wouldn't be as bad as it is.

The fact of the matter is that the cost of living went thru the roof, and everyone and there cousin is trying to live the dream and not in reality.

The big companies are not willing to pay people a decent wage, because it will cut into there profit margins, so they ship everything over seas and sell it here for the same price to make the investors more money.

Dont get me wrong, if you invest you should make money, but people cant say that there are a ton of jobs out there that you can live off of, because there not there.

Skilled trades,The Medical Field and some Tech Jobs are really the only jobs that are going to make it in the future, because everything else can be outsourced.

Hell even the military is being cut back, and then all the guys and girls coming back from there deployment are going to be shit out of luck, unless they have a special training.

The days of getting a decent job are long gone, and there are more People then Jobs.
Before you take it out on the big companies that you feel are outsourcing only to make a couple more bucks, you should check into how expensive it is to do business in this country.
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