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Originally Posted by steveo View Post
fuck that. I have my monthly bills and expenses down to about 20% of my income and have no responsability outside of work. i am making hay while the sun shines and a kid doesnt fit into that. My dad was/is a great dad, but he was at work 6 days a week most of my life. If I have kids it will be much later in life and when i do have kids i want it to be at a point in my life when I can devote my life to them and not dump them off at public school where they can learn to be useless fucks like the idiots i yell at every day at work.

I thought as you did at one point in my life (I'm way older than you). I wanted to have kids when I was completely financially stable and had all my shit lined up in a nice little OCD way. The problem is that it never seems to happen. Life just screws that all up for you. If I waited to have it all together, I would have never had kids.

I applaud the fact that you have the want to devote your life to your future children. Just don't wait so long that it never happens. I'd hate to think I waited till 40 to have kids.

I may not have picked women in my life that made great spouses, but I did chose good mothers for my kids.
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