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I think the President would veto most anti-gun bills even if both the Senate and House would go Democrat, but there is an outside chance that the Dems would attach an anti-gun amendment to a very good bill of some sort, which would force the president to sign. That is the risk, even though it might be small.
I am concerned that we have only two more years to get any more pro-gun bills passed before the next election, and McCain (the front runner for the Republicans) is NOT pro-gun by any means, nor are there any pro-gun Democrats, so it will be a LONG time (probably after I am dead and gone) before any more pro-gun bills will be passed, and the odds are that a LOT more anti-gun bills will be passed if either there is a Republican or Democrat President, and especially if Congress goes Democrat.
I would invite people to LOOK at what Pelosi stands for. She was in a Gay Parade where the head guy of the parade thinks that Man-Boy relationships are just fine. Second, I would invite anyone to look at the gun laws in California and especially San Francisco where Pelosi is from, and tell me why I would vote for a Libertarian or Democrat. I really put this in a no brainer category!!!
I do realize that there may be a pro-gun, a conservative Democrat, but they are the exception, not the rule. If the Democrats take over Congress and then the Presidency, you are voting for a Socialist Welfare State, just like the UK or France, where not even a BB gun is allowed, and where MOST of the Muslim population in these countries are on welfare because they have NOT been assimilated into their cultures, and where a large majority are either terrorists or pro-terrorist. Since most Democrats are against fighting terrorism, either directly or by what they stand for, or by their comments, it is quite evident things will get a LOT worse before it gets better!!! One only has to look at CNN; a pro-terrorist network that is very pro-Democrat and very anti-Republican, recently showed on TV one our soldiers getting killed in Iraq. This only plays into the hands of the terrorists, and it was ONLY a Republican, the Armed Services Committee Chairman that stated that CNN reporters should be pulled as embedded reporters, which, of course, I had thought a LONG time ago!!! CNN, Aljazeera, ABC, and most networks (except Fox News), the New Times, and MOST Democrats are desperately trying to undermine the fight on terrorism!!
So, vote Democrat or Libertarian or Green Party, and watch your FREEDOM and RIGHTS disappear, big time!!!!
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