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Originally Posted by mideerslayer View Post
It's more because labor overseas is so cheap and the company can turn around and sell there product here in the states for the same prices.

Nothing wrong with making a profit, but when all the jobs started going overseas, less work for people here and then in turn less money to buy said products.

If they do bring a manufacturing job to the states, it is a entry level job and the people making the products cant even afford to buy what they are making.

Sure go get a degree and get a high paying job, but there are more people looking for these jobs then there are the Jobs to get.

The days of the middle class making it in this country are going to a part of history.
How many degree holding do nothing drones are there out there? I have a high paying job w/o a degree, but i have a high level of skill and I am willing to work anywhere any time. We lost the manufacturing jobs because of overpaid lazy cry baby workers. Period. I am in north dakota right now and all the people working in the hotels, stores, gas stations are foreigners. They are willing to work, unlike the 50+ million americans collecting food stamps right now. Wal mart out here is paying 18/hr for night stockers and they cannot find them.
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