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China went communist and sort of kept their mouths shut about it. Russia tried to bully people into communism and found an ally in Cuba, who was located close to their biggest threat. Which in turn caused the biggest economy in the world to ignore them both.

Mean while China stayed in the 19th century and took tiny steps into the 20th and did it quietly for the most part. During that time we went all "America fukc Yeah" and grew a strong desire for instant gratification. While developing that desire we also didn't want to pay anything for it. So we looked for places to build stuff for us as cheap as possible and found out the Asians were good at it. So we had them build our low quality crap for us for pennies on the dollar. After a while the economies in those smaller Asian countries grew and so did the amount they were charging us for that cheap crap that we wanted right now.

Eventually that led us to China. A country that never really did anything to us, never posed a threat and didn't try to make us see that Communism was the best. So no they have us to support them and pay them to provide the products for our need for instant gratification at a cheap price. They saved the money we paid them for the cheap crap they made, barley paid their people for the work they did building our cheap crap. While we proceeded to stick our financial heads further up our asses all the time saying "America fukc Yeah" causing us to need to borrow money from somebody to help keep our instant gratification fed. China said "we have a lot of money you can borrow with a fairly cheap interest rate", "how much do you need?'".

And that is why China has succeeded at communism where Russia and Cuba have failed.
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