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Originally Posted by liv2mx View Post
well the decision was made is getting scrapped. it pains me but makes the most sense to do.

me and cory start on my new chassie next week. i have most of the parts for a buggy in my garage and i don't need 2 rigs. i have wanted a buggy for a couple years so it is time.
so stripping all the parts from my jeep and all the new stuff i have for it and it is all going into a new rig.
will be running a 5.3 with some mods,14 bolt, hp60,16 inch 2.5 coilovers front and rear,4.3 atlas,keeping my 42's for now until i can get some 43 stickies.
going to be a 2 seater around 52" wide, 118 to 120 wb, full southern style.

I don't understand why you need to hold hands with someone. Just do the single seater and be done with it already thats what you really want
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