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Originally Posted by DetroitStyle View Post
On the contrary, I'd say it's obviously needed, as the threadstarter has his vehicle priced at 3x's it's value. But hey, good job looking out for a guy who only signed up and posted here to sell off one thing at a ripoff price....

what a joke

I guess I get a vacation now. But it needed to be said.
Originally Posted by Dune_Trash17 View Post
X2 ... Not trying to bash this thread either but the owner said it himself. OTHER PEOPLE VALUED IT AT $10,000 so thats not the true value of the jeep its what other people thought do to whats put into it..

We all know when selling a vehicle especially an offroad vehicle that you dont get out what you put into it.

Im sorry suspend me if needed but that would be like me putting my cummins up for sale for $10k when i just purchased it off this site for a quarter of that price.

Kinda nonsense to me an like detroit style said hes a first time poster an throws this out right off the bat..
Your opinions are not needed in the marketplace. How long he has been a member has nothing to do with anything. He came in here and listed his vehicle for what he thinks he can get for it. If it does not sell it will become quite obvious that it is priced too high. It does not give you the right to come in here and shit on his thread. Again, IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BUY IT, DON'T POST!!
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