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Originally Posted by Leanz View Post
and this is why you done get your knob slobbed by your wife.

of course her mouth isn't on her period, but how often she does this deed for you has a lot to do with your attitude towards the act. If you feel like you're entitled to it and expect her to be your wife and suck your dick when she can't please you in other ways.... its a big turn off. Act like its a present and a gift! Give positive reinforcement (oh baby, last night was SOO hot!! yummmy yummy!)and she'll think of pleasing you more often, and might actually think of pleasing you before you have to ask for it

my random thought: why do vitamins have to taste and smell soo shitty! I can literally smell my vitamin sitting on the desk in front of me. gross
You take me way too serious. You should know by now that most of what I post is just bullshit to make people laugh. The actual saying is "Your ass isn't on it's period.". I said mouth to her because she is not into rump sex and I don't feel the need to get shit on my ding dong. She laughted it off because she knew I wasn't serious. Also, she is not very skilled in the garlgle the dragon department so I don't push the issue. However, she is gifted in the southern hemisphere.

I'm actually happily married to a wonderful person (almost 17 years). I make fun of marriage because there are some truths to the jokes. In reality, I would be lost without my wife.

Now, back to the sillyness.
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