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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
1. Since cyclists ride the same direction as traffic, HOW IN THE fukc ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO KNOW YOU'RE HAULING A 10K TRAILER?
2. Smoke =! power
3. Hicks that like to turn up the fuel and make smoke are now the public's #1 negative association with diesels, the accelerated emissions standards for particulates AND the reluctance of OEM's putting smaller diesels in 1/2 ton trucks.

Just saying - you have some strange logic going on there.
1: If they cant hear a 7.3 at 2500+rpm downshifting behind them, they must be deaf. The trailer bounced around and was pretty loud too.
2: I know smoke does not equal power
3:The trucks were stock, a 96 and a 97. No chips or anything like that. Only reason they smoked was elevation change, it wasnt nearly as much as the video.

I only smoked people on two occasions, and I feel they both deserved it.
One guy was riding down the middle of the lane, I honked the horn a couple times and he wouldnt get over, I had 5 people behind me, when I finally got to pass he got a little smoke.
Other guy was at the bottom of a hill in the middle of the lane, Powerjoke doesnt slow down too good with 10k behind it and no trailer brakes. He got a little when I passed too.
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