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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
The question we need to ask is, why has congress not approved this person and why does obama wait until congress is out on recess to appoint this guy. Who is he, what is his backround? Just curious.
Obama says we need to be protected and this guy is the man to do it. I think we need to be protected from the ever long arm of this liberal government.
I don't need to ask that question, because it's already answered in the article you posted.

Republicans have had little opposition if any to the qualifications of Cordray. Their objection is with the consumer agency itself.
This is what pisses me off about our government lately. Rather than deciding what to do, and doing it, they make all these backdoor moves trying to out maneuver the other side. This agency was created by the 111th congress. The Republicans of the 112th congress don't like it, but rather than be up front and try to get it changed, they instead try to kill it be refusing the confirm the appointment the it's director. Then the President sneaks around their backs and does this "recess appointment". What a bunch of nonsense.

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