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Arrow Two adult cats to good home(s). *Many extras*

Because of my living situation, I would like to find a home or two for my cats. I am generally not home much and go on Military Leaves for weeks at a time. They really need households with more activity or an owner who is present to give more attention.

They are litter box trained and friendly. They still have all their claws, but have always scratched what I gave them to scratch (cat trees, see pic in later post). I feed them Hills Science Diet for 11+ Seniors dry food, the one with the pink label across it that says "Age Defying". I do not recommend deviating from this as their basic food source, as it will probably result in a change in their bathroom habits. I also give them small cans of the wet variety of the same food as treats once in a while. I do not feed them milk or table food.

1) Female orange tabby, 13 years old. Excellent health, but slowing down now that she is getting older. Eyes are nice and clear. Can't jump up on high objects anymore. Beds are borderline. She can still handle couches and likes to look out windows. No problems being outside, but I only let her out in the cold for short periods now that she is older. Audiably responds to people, but not noisy at night. Will stand up to other animals, such as small dogs, and eventually co-exist. This one will catch mice and has also brought home other small rodents on occasion, like baby red squirrels. I saw her stand off against a fox or small coyote in my front yard one night years ago.

2) Male sand-colored semi-longhair, 10 years old. This cat is physically large @ 14lbs. Does not have a mean bone is his body and actually a complete pansy. Extremely friendly, very affectionate. Would be an excellent cat for kids, as he loves attention. Generally nervous and will run/hide at most unfamiliar noises and voices. Absolutely uninterested in going outside (terrified, actually), so he's a perfect apartment/condo dweller. Afraid of dogs and most other animals. Doesn't have an interest in jumping up on anything except laps and window sills. Extremely passive and tough, so good for households with children.

I currently have them cared for at Serenety Animal Hospital in Sterling Heights. Both are fully up to date on exams, shots, and annual bloodwork. Prior to that was the Grand Blanc Animal Hospital.

Each cat comes with a very nice dog-sized memory foam bed, a large carrier, a litter pan, and a cat tree (one of them is shown below).

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