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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I'll answer all your questions...

Combating "radical islam violence":

This is something you can never defeat. You can't just "kill 'em all" because the very act of killing them would motivate more to become "radical". The best we can hope for is to become less of a target for it. If we didn't need thier oil and didn't care about what happened to Isreal and ethnic monorities like the Kurds we could just leave and let them fight amongst themselves. I don't see that happening and even if it did as long as we are a free country and one of the dominant superpowers we will be seen as the "corrupter of the world" and will be targeted. So what do we do?

1. Work to find an alternative to oil. We're going to have to do this eventually, we may as well start now. The only viable option I see using current technology is nuclear power for electricity and hydrogen for transportation.

2. try to encourage the different religious and ethnic factions to settle thier differences peacefully and let them know that if they both insist on fighting that we'll let them fight and not support either side, but if some country launches an unprovoked attack on another we'll destroy thier military.

3. Continue to do everything we can to prevent thier attacks. Keep the "radicals" out of this country. Keep them on the run with stratgic and/or covert actions.


Winning a war means achieving our objectives. Our objective, at least currently, is to establish a "free, democratic Iraq". The problem is that by definition a "democracy" has to be choosen by the people. You can not impose a democracy. If the people wound rather follow a carismatic military leader or be ruled by a strong religious leader theres not much we can do about it.

I see it going like this... Over the next 2 years the Bush administeration will come under increased pressure from both sides to bring the war to an end. To do this and call it a victory they will push an Iraqi government and military to take on bigger and bigger responsibilities which they just aren't ready for and probably never will be. 2 Years from now this war will be the number 1 issue in the election, and the winner will be the candidate who convinces the American public that he can bring our troops home. We'll pretend to have estabished a stable government there and will then quickly withdraw before it colapses. The government we leave will stand no more than a year or 2. The, one of 3 things will happen. Either a military strong man, simular to Sadam, will emerge and take control promising to bring peace, and will at the cost of the lives of anyone that opposes him, or an extreem Islamic group, like the Taliban, will take over promising to bring them closer to Allah, or the country will disolve into a civil war, with various factions allinging themselves with other nations like Iran. This could go on for decades.

I just don't see and American style democracy surviving in a country with so many rival religious and ethnic factions.

The reason why some countries (mostly the USA) are more often the target of terrorist attacks is because:
1. We are involving ourselves more often in the affairs of other countries.
2. Our freedoms allow the terrorist more freedom to plan and carry out terrorist attacks
3. Because our culture has spread around the world more than any other nations so we are seen as the "corrupter" of the world.
4. It's a little like playing "king of the hill" when you were a kid, you always go after the guy at the top. We've been at the top for quite a while.
I agree with every word of this post. Well said Sir.
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