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Wasn't this attached?
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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
Your pictures don't seem to show up for some reason. Neither did the one that grnd93 posted... They show the thumbnail, but that's it.

Buy that. Quality costs. Honestly you will be hard pressed to find something of quality for under 600-700 these days.

I was actually astounded at the price of tire carriers when I got back into this shit a year ago. Thats part of the reason why my JK doesn't have a spare. $1200-1500 for a tire and carrier. No thanks. I could call a wrecker quite a few times for that price.
For whatever damn reason, JK stuff is almost twice the cost of most TJ stuff. Some of the parts I understand because the JK has more curves vs the TJ being flat, but other parts don't make any sense. Either way, you have to pay to play.

Originally Posted by kristavsmichigan View Post
I would love American made products but they have to lower cost a bit for a regular worker with a house or family. I went wheeling with a bunch of JKs and they were mod to the Tee with Lod but they were all retired. If we are paying for quality ok? But are we paying more if it's made here too!? When do we get a break?
Originally Posted by kristavsmichigan View Post
I work two jobs and I can't afford Lod after bills if people want people to buy American make it affordable. I dont have 1000 for a bumper. Support American make it affordable. that's why people buy cheap shit because I need to run a spare and oh I only have maybe after bills a little money. As for DYI we are making this smitty bumper a krista built and re doing all the welds it should work perfect after that. oh and FYI Jeeperscreepers know where it's at they run sick deals. Btw if you can afford 800-1000 bumpers kudos. I know I can't.
Originally Posted by kristavsmichigan View Post
Oh I am supporting my neighbors and maybe a few streets with all the money taken out of my checks :-)
Oh and the women in front of me in line with a bridge card buying a tooth brush that shoots water into the gums and teeth and is told her card doesn't have enough money so she opens her purse to 200 dollars in 100s and says well put the food back I want the cool toothbrush...
Welcome to being 21. Either get used to having crap, or spend a little more money and get something well made. I went through the "buy cheap shit" phase when I didn't have a whole lot of money when I was younger. Now I make a little more money and buy better stuff. Guess what, the more expensive stuff generally ends up being cheaper because I don't need to replace it in a year, nor does it give me the headaches the cheap shit does. Not to mention, it generally functions 10x better as well. There is cheap american made stuff too, but it's also shitty. The more expensive stuff is that way for a reason. Do you buy the $10 jeans that fall apart and look like ass or the expensive ones? Same applies to jeep parts. Suck it up!
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Oz's Jeep is downright anti-bling.
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Will someone please argue with me?
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