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Originally Posted by jamiesann View Post
for the most part yes. Not all but most liberals yes they hate america. Not enough to leave, not enough to change their lifestyle. They hate it just enough to tell everyone else to change, to tell other folks to do stuff to ease their own conscience and make themselves feel better or morally superior enlightened etc. They do not understand how things work, what america was founded on, what freedom is, what other countries do. Give me virtually any popular liberal idea or stance on a subject and i can show you how they contradict themselves and both times the loser in the scenario is america, THIS IS NO MISTAKE. underlying sentament is a self loathing or have guilt complex and yes they hate america. They wont admit it or publicly say it but their contradicting opions reveal it.
that is the most incorrect, idiotic thing I have read from your posts so far.

This video fits right in with your post. I used it before I am sure you will like it.

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