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Originally Posted by jamiesann View Post
Very interesting that you would set the bar unreachable there by making even a 99.9999% reduction in violence intolerable. Are you this unrealistic with regards to limiting environmental pollution ? How about success at work …. If you do not succeed 100 % of the time do you quit, or fire your subordinates ? When was the last time the world had a terror free environment ? I hope you know in order to expect to repeat it again you should atleast know if such a time ever existed. I do disagree with you I am on planet earth and your head is in the sky, or in Uranus :tonka:

I would consider simply reducing or slowing the spread of radical islam a success. Violence met with complacency or pacifism never wins. All you do is get your ass handed to you.

Your total left wing view on American policy is very disturbing also. I have seen on TV afghanis say they hate America because we did not “support them” after helping them defeat USSR. Those guys are living in the stone ages 20 years later and could not develop their own shoulder mounted anit aircraft missles if we gave 30 years from today. We virtually gave them a time machine. Fucking ungrateful bastards. I don’t remember the news showing me any crying afghani saying no we want to throw rocks at the soviet tanks, and try to shoot them with rusty janky WWI bolt action rifles. If such footage exists id really like to see it.

To rationalize the violence toward the USA as the result of past foreign involvement, demands you argue the sematics of who started the first multinational war way back when. You could trace every war since then as retaliation of that first war 2,000-3,000 years ago. Thanks’s for giving America a get out of jail card and shooting your self in the foot!!! becuase if we “deserve terrorism” for our foreign policy, almost every country we have ever been involved in is older than the US and has a much longer history that itself involves many wars. This is like asking what came first the chicken or the egg. You chose to blame the US for some strange reason.
Some of your views I agree with. Most will be proven wrong whitin the next couple of years so us debating now will get us nowhere.

As far as 99.999% reduction in terrorism. That is also unrealsitic. If i started a business making donuts from dog crap. I would not expect my business to suceed 100% of the time. I would noever ask my employees to make such a thing so they would never be fired. So this would be a business I would stay away from. I dont even see a 50% drop in terrorism. As a matter of fact there are more pist off terrorists now than before 911.

You will most likely respond by saying we havent been hit since 911. Unfortunately this is a matter of time.

As usual the only thing we agree on is to disagree.
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