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A liberal is one who feels a great dept to society, a dept which he proposes to pay with your money.
G. Gordon Liddy

But really, I have NO problems with liberals. I have friends and family that are libs. Good and decent people. I will hang out with them, break bread with them and enjoy their company. I just pray to God that they never regain power. I also hope that conservatives can again take over the republican party.
I have many gripes against the in power right now. I do not agree with their spending and views on ILLEGAL immigration to name a couple.
I will however, support the party in hopes of preventing the libs from gaining any power in the house or senate. I have asked many and I would like to ask you Mike. If YOU were president, what would YOU do. I'm not asking for you to tell us what Bush and congress are doing wrong. I'm not asking what you would have done different. I'm asking what your plan will be for the country in its current state starting today. Where would YOU lead the country.


We're at war
illegal immigration is out of control
N. Korea is testing Nukes
Iran pledges to wipe Isreal from the face of the earth
The recant tax cuts are scheduled to sunset in a few years
Judges are legislating from the bench
Eminate domain is stealing hard working americans homes from them
And there are muslims that vow to eliminate us as well.

My intent is not to pick you or your views apart. Only curious of your deep seeded feelings on how you think our great country should evolve. Please don't resort to insults as I truly want to understand you and other free thinkers.
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