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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post

I agree with Jamie, but I think libbies just hate government period. They might not hate America necessarily, but they certainly hate the government and how it runs.

I don't like how some parts of the government run and such. I'm not a huge fan of Bush, I'm more pro-choice than pro-life, and if gays get "married" and it isn't called marriage then I really don't care. That's why I consider myself moderate, because some of my views are liberal, and some are conservative. I would vote Republican before Democrat though. That's also why I laugh at you calling yourself a moderate.
Actually GM, conservatives hate government. They don't want government interference in people's lives. Liberals want more and more government because they want to control your life because you're not smart enough to do it yourself.

However, that is theoretical.

It gets messy when conservatives get caught up in trying to legislate morality (abortion, gay marriage, etc...) and lose focus. Although I'm proudly conservative, I get torqued that conservatives get distracted with these issues. I'm pro-choice and don't feel that gays getting married threatens or weakens my marriage. That being said, I also oppose "equal opportunity" laws that are basically reverse-discrimination quota programs and "maternal lawmaking" (i.e motorcycle helmet laws, seatbelt laws, etc...) and think we need to severely reign in ridiculous lawsuits (so why DO drugs cost less in Canada? it has nothing to do with George Bush).
This is the Pub. Leave common sense at the door.
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