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Whether you agree or disagree with someone's decision is irrelevant. But they should be allowed to make that decision without our government being involved. If people have an issue they can boycott Lowes.

Lowes did nothing wrong. They didn't say, "Fuck those A-rabs we don't want to be part of their show". But of course that's what this senator is trying to spin their decision into. They just chose to not participate.

The forced acceptance of every thought or ideal that we are experiencing in this country is disgusting. Given what this Senator wants to do how far off are we from laws that force you to watch shows like this or anything else they deem appropriate?
Okay I'm glad I had the right thought process with that, I was afraid I wasn't understanding the issue.

I personally would boycott Lowe's for not standing up for their decision.

A business should evaluate whether or not an apology is appropriate for a situation, they shouldn't have to apologize over every little bitch and whine.

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