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Wow good convo going on here, i just spent literally 6 hours talking with my supervisor about why i believe what i believe.(which is pretty twisted in its own right)...anyway....found it kinda funny that you all where discussing basically the same thing as julie and sorta the same time...

i wont bore you but, i am a follower of Christ, i believe in his death and ressurection....however i am dis-enfranchised with the current state of most churchs and their people. so i get rather picky when choosing a place to worship and fellowship with other followers of Christ....I wont shove it down your throat, but if any of you ever wanna check out a decent church...Check out Genesis The Church in Royal Oak, we dont wear sunday dress(you can if you wanna). jeans and t's are fine..and we play guitar/bass and drums....and occasionally it gets loud..sorry.... and we have a lot of artists so some of our functional services get rather pressure..real relaxed atmosphere.....i know its a blatant plug...but i figured i would if you do come and hit the right service then i can finally post in the sightings forum....hehehehehe

keep it going ..this is good...

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