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Originally Posted by Deke
It is not a testable theory, but neither is "poof" we are here. The bible says there is NO other way. thats the point.

They teach it as a theory. Its the mentality of the bible thumpers that its taught as a fact because it imposes apon their beliefs. If the kids listened to the teachers they would realize its a theory and not a presentation of a false fact.

When the religon states flat out there is no other way no matter what, what is that? faith. and faith is not science
Not exactly. The court case yesterday as an example. A group in Pennsylvania wanted intellegent design to be taught in addition to evolution, not in place of it. Yet the courts found that intelligent design cannot be taught in school. The schools do not teach evolution as one of many theories. It is the ONLY theory they teach, and they don't discuss how it cannot be tested.
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