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Originally Posted by Grandman
I find it to be cowardly in this aspect . You need heaven , you cant deal with the fact your just another animal and will parish . You the " human " are above all other animals and get a special end . I dont think so .

Christ died for you , so what ? so you can pull tons of shit your whole life as most do then figure your a shoe in for heaven since you trust in God ? sounds like an excuse to pull bull shit on other humans to me .

If i live a cleaner more just life then the next guy , do lots of good deeds and help others while he is a flipping jerk but he trust in God that means im ass out and he is in ? Fine i dont want to go there then .

Ill take it to the bibble . God created me in his own image right ? Cool then he would certainly understand my points of view and not hold it against me now would he .

I am one with the earth , i hold my self no better then your pet , the grass in your yard . I am no different or worse then you . I can except that i will parish and exsist no more . I came i lived i died . The need for eternal life to me is a unwillingness to except your demise . Our higher education leaves us humans feeling supierior , i dont except this logic that because i have more ability to learn then the dog does i should have eternal life :gman:

G man what happened the the Indian ways , I am by no means a historian of american Indian beliefs but from stories heard I'd have to believe Indians have a strong belief of the after life and what they do in this earth directly effects what they will do in the afterlife .

By the way I am Catholic by the choice of my parents and in my younger years followed the catholic teachings , I am a believer but sadly at this time I am not a partisapator.
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