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Originally Posted by amc78cj7
I think this nails it on the head and is what confuses most. But think of it this way. How much do you or even a NASA engineer really know about the Universe? If you had all the answers in a single book, even then could you comprehend everything? Given our nature of not trusting what is given to us, would we accept the answers without a doubt.

Here is my stance, the stance of a scientist using scientific logic. Anything is possible until it can be tested and proven false.

So my challenge to everyone reading this thread. Can you, without a fraction of a doubt, say that anything recorded in the Bible is incorrect? If so, please provide your PROOF. :dunie:
On the other hand, can you prove without a doubt that everything within the bible is correct? If so, please make me a man of faith and shock the world. I'll give you a hint, the reason this is an on going subject is NO ONE has done it yet. Proven, nor disproven it.
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