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I finally got some time in the garage tonight after a busy family weekend. I put together a simple front bumper out of 2x4x0.125. It's 42" wide, or about the same width as the grill.

I decided it would be easier to tack the frame extensions on the bumper, add a temp cross member, square it up on the bench, and then install it as a unit. I was able to use the some reference marks from when I squared it on the bench and some on the frame to get it squared up in relation to the frame.

I just have a few tacks holding it for now, I figured I would sleep on it before adding too much weld.

So after all that, the top of the frame is 1.75" inches higher, and we gained 2.75" under the frame since we moved from stock 2.5x4 to 2x3 tubing. I extended the frame out an extra 1/2" for steering box clearance in addition to moving to 1.75 tube for the swaybar mount/cross member, so that should give us 3-4" of front stretch.

I made the outside of outside frame rail 32" to make the transition between old and new frame easier, so we narrowed almost 2" over stock, but only 1" narrower between the rails. I weighed the chunk of frame we cut off and the new parts, and that comes out a wash at 30lbs.

Big thing to see will be how much extra up travel we gain.
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