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Originally Posted by joe_jeep View Post
so im assuming all the long track sled guy go out west to ride?

i see very little use for a track that long in michigan.
a 121" or 136" with a decent paddle is plenty in most of michigan usually.

dont get me wrong they are sweet sleds, and make mine look like junk.

how often is a track over 136" really needed in michigan
Depends on how you ride, and where you ride. The short tracks will have much better top my RMK will only do about 92mph, where the same sled in a short track would do about 110mph or so. I have had 121s-163s, and they all have there pros and cons. I got my 163 stuck several times last year in the UP, but we were in some backwoods, deep pow. A 136 with a 1.75 track will do 90% of the things a 163 can do in the UP. My only problem with the 136 Back country X I had was it was a coupled suspension which is good on trail but terrible off trail. Not untill 2012 did skidoo make an uncoupled 136 skid on there sleds. The new 136 would be a sick sled for MI riding. Ever since I have went to longer tracks I cant stand riding a short track, even on trail. I feel so unstable, and so little of traction with short tracks. On straight up ice a short track with studs would dominate, but for the trails were on, they are typically not that way.
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