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Originally Posted by Lothos
So let me see if I understand this Christians. You believe you will go to heaven if follow in Christs teachings. You believe he died for all of our sins. And he is the son of God?

Aside from the son part, I think this is pretty much identical to the Islam beliefs. Going to "heaven" by following in Muhammads teachings etc...
True, Jesus and Muhammad were both spiritual leaders. There have been many spiritual leaders on earth, from many religions. And most teach similar lessons of peace and goodwill. But Jesus being the sacrificial lamb, the son of God sacrificed so that all man can be free from the sins they choose in life IS the key point. If you accept that every person on this earth, even Ghandi and mother Theresa have sinned at least once in their life, and that stain separates them from the holyness of God and Heaven; then you understand that the only way to be one with God and Heaven is to be cleaned of that sin. I caution to not dismiss this point it is the MAIN point in Christianity.
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