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Originally Posted by Grandman
Miff and i was watching a show the other night , the shroud of torin which covered jesus , well not really its proven to be about 1300 years to new for that ! I think religion has hurt its self with people like me by creating so many false items they swore was real .

Your claiming evolution is just as bad with false evidence . I dont think so , ya theres holes in the theroy that can not be proven . Thats not the same as making up crap like the relgious side has done to " prove " there point falsly .

When we find cavemen , or ice men that fills in large spots of evolution it pretty much swings my oppinion as to wich theroy is reasonable .

religion requires " faith " wich is another way of saying you must beleave in what is not real or you must agree with that you can never substantiate . I dont have the faith to do that . I see zero prove here yet on evolution i see some facts . A matter of resonable deduction to me .:gman:

Marv, you need to get more coffee in ya before you start posting about religion in the morning :D
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