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Originally Posted by boghog360 View Post
After working for 30+ years, for both union and non-union shops, and after having my own company. I can say I have never needed a union where ever I worked. I have had the union thugs threaten me twice, for working hard and making others look bad. The last place I worked I had a life changing injury as a union worker and the union did NOT help with my problem. I say this because even after watching the unions gain great strength in my life time and use it poorly. I still believe we need the unions. They no longer have the power they once had and abused. If you study why, and when the unions formed here in the U.S. I can't imagine anybody saying we don't need them. One can use the swinging pendent in saying if the union is the pendent, the left side is little power, the right great power. I have watched the pendent sway from the great power to the little power side. I don't agree with many of the union policies or rules, but I would hate to see them destroyed. Many women and men fought very hard to get the unions. Some lost their lives. Just look up the documentary about the fires at the sewing shops in New York. Way before the UAW formed. I think most people don't need a union. I also had a supervisors position over UAW workers. While I was in that position, I discovered that there are rules in place to handle the unruly employee's. I also found that management would not enforce the rules. They almost always waited till they were at their wits end to correct a problem employee. Then they would try to inflict a punishment greater than what was called for. Then the union would show that there was no documentation for such punishment and the employee would walk. If management would enforce the rules that they have, we would see a better work ethic from the workers. I have witnessed workers saying "why should I work my ass off when (said idiot) sits on his ass and gets the same pay". My reply to that person was, you were hired for this position, to do this job, for this amount of money. No where did it say you are to monitor other employee's work habits, or lack of. Management is in charge of monitoring employee's.
If we lose the unions, I don't believe we will get them back when we want them. We will want them again. With the new terrorist laws on the books, it will make it impossible to fight for the rights again.

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Your reply is very interesting. All of your experiences speak of fukced up situations courtesy of the unions and their leadership, and yet you seem to be totally in favor of the unions anyway. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, why would be supportive of a union that obviously promotes fukced up working situations?
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