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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
Don't forget about the amount that goes to the preacher so he can buy that brand spankin new Cadillac and his beautiful $250,000 house. It takes a lot of donations to pay him a good salary!
Originally Posted by jimhri View Post
and thus, the great weakness of organized religion------it is run by humans.

many religious organizations end up as money laundering operations with a select few really benefiting from a concerntration of your dollars. then the rest is given out in small increments that are not large enough to elevate most out of their dire situations.

why spend $2 mil on a new "house of God" when that $2 mil could do a lot for those in need? the maintenance budget of many churches could pull a lot of people out of poverty, send someone further on in school, buy medical care,

Originally Posted by hosejockey4506 View Post
I love working for churches they have deep pockets generally, and so do the pastors. wierd huh.

So who was here first dinosaurs or this god character, what about evolution
Oh you guys are so funny....and wrong.

I think you'll find, if you were to actually go any normal sized church, that most are not rolling in the money. And before you guys say "What do you know, you're a blind sheep" I am a pastors kids I grew up on "the deep pockets that pastors have". Come to find out.....They don't exsit in everyday american churches. If any one of you were to actually visit a regular church or go to a budget meeting you might actually know what you're talking about.

I think you'll also find that most churches have boards (literal ones, in the hallway or narthex) that update the congregation on the missionaries that they support. Most of those missionaries are solely supported by that one church. I haven't been to a church (and I've been to a couple hundred in my life) that didn't have a board like that. Multiple have food kitchens and allow groups like AA and the boy scouts to use thier buildings.

Like I said, I can tell you guys have limited experience in what a church budget actually is.

God was there first. I'm not getting in to evolution again.
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