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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
Don't forget about the amount that goes to the preacher so he can buy that brand spankin new Cadillac and his beautiful $250,000 house. It takes a lot of donations to pay him a good salary!
Originally Posted by jimhri View Post
and thus, the great weakness of organized religion------it is run by humans.

many religious organizations end up as money laundering operations with a select few really benefiting from a concerntration of your dollars. then the rest is given out in small increments that are not large enough to elevate most out of their dire situations.

why spend $2 mil on a new "house of God" when that $2 mil could do a lot for those in need? the maintenance budget of many churches could pull a lot of people out of poverty, send someone further on in school, buy medical care,
I'd bet that for every "mega-church" that is how you describe there's probably a hundred churches where the "maintenance budget" consists of parishioners volunteered time and donated materials, the clergy lives in a modest house and is happy to have a car that starts and runs each day.
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