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Originally Posted by FlatFender View Post
I'll cliff note it for you.
Mitt, still a democrat. But I like his stance of zero tolerance on illegals
Ron Paul, like a lot of what he says, but he's still a cookey old man.Comes across as whiny & would never get the respect of other foreign leaders
Bachman, mehprobably her best debate but not my vote
Perry, did alright, still a shitty debaterAlso probably his best debate but....
Huntsman, spoke well, agreed with a lot of what he said, could possibly move up in the polls after tonightSome was good but he's not our man
Cain, mehHis numbers will drop after this debate. He doesn't know shit about foreign policy. Everything he said was "we'll have to look at it"
Newt, so much more intelligent than everyone else its scary. His quick wit, and answers were great to watch. He should get the nomination. Yup, very good but I was surprised about his opinion that an illegal being here 25 years would be OK to stay. I don't agree.
You forgot Santorum. He has a good handle on foreign policy and I like his stance on patriotism.
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